Evgeny Chernyak
CEO at Global Spirits
Was born on April 12, 1969 in the Ukrainian Zaporozhye.

In 1986 he graduated from the secondary school, and in 1995, the technical university, in 2004 and 2006 - received his 2nd, then 3rd higher education (finance and jurisprudence).

Yevgeny's father, Alexander Borisovich Chernyak, has always been in business, so Yevgeny Chernyak has been developing an entrepreneurial spirit since childhood.

Evgeny Chernyak is the founder and owner of the Global Spirits holding. This company includes such popular brands as:
- Khortytsa
- Leaf
- Shustoff
- Oreanda
- Pervak
- Morosha and others.

In 2018, Evgeny Chernyak started a personal YouTube channel "BIGMONEY" where guests talk as openly and transparently as possible about doing business, their personal lives, which led them to such results, what should and should not be done in order to earn big money!

As of August 2020, the BIGMONEY channel has 626,000 subscribers, and the total number of video views is more than 52 million, these numbers are growing every day, Evgeny's channel has become the absolute leader among video blogs in business topics.

According to Forbes magazine, Yevgeny Chernyak's fortune is $ 295 million dollars (Forbes estimated only Ukrainian assets that are only 25% of all essets), which gives him the right to occupy the rating of the most progressive and wealthy entrepreneurs in Ukraine.

Evgeny Chernyak continues to lead his writing career. The main works of Eugeny were two books: "Big Money. Principles of the First "and" Big Money. Principles of the first 2 ". These are real stories from the life of successful operating businessmen. These books inspire, motivate and expand the real-life perception of business processes.

The book by Evgeny Chernyak reveals the main principles that help to solve business problems of any level.

Readers will learn the stories of the creation of "New Mail", the first digital bank "Monobank" in Ukraine, the Internet supermarket "Rozetka", the investment fund "Almaz Capital Partners" and about other strong brands.